Followers of Pickypockets Press, don't worry, you're in the right place.

I changed the name!
The name Brick Factory comes from a game my fictional childhood hero,
6 year old Ramona Quimby, played. The object of the game was to crush
up old bricks and flush the debris down with a hose. Ramona and her friend
dove into the game with a loud and messy happiness getting lost in the sounds,
movements, and, of course, the mess.
Brick factory is for those who may not be able to comprehend the box
they’ve been told to think inside of. Like most humans, it is a perpetual work in progress.
It is a place for messy worktables,
showing off, being loud, being vulnerable, and for getting lost in color and shape. 

I am so happy to have my business name reflect who I am and how I do things
and look forward to getting to know you and learning more about your creative journey.


I'm Anna. Thanks for stopping by. I bind books, print pictures and words, play with embroidery thread, teach, and constantly experiment with techniques for all or it.