Brick Factory is an Oakland, CA based letterpress studio and bindery owned and operated by me, Anna Kingsley.

Open since 2011, I have designed and printed custom letterpress printed things ranging from simple announcements to books covers.  Working long press runs is one of the most relaxing things ever.

I also bind a variety of sketchbooks because I believe firmly that anyone can draw and that practice should be a fun daily occurrence. I draw every day and it helps me learn to regulate my focus and see new things each time.

Before starting this business I was a special education teacher for student experiencing significant physical and emotional challenges. I currently teach origami to young children and book binding to both adults and children in my community.

Personal stats: Born and raised in the Bay Area, three kids, half - Assyrian heritage, part of a beautiful and fully Queer family.

headshot of Anna in turquoise glasses and daisy earrings.