Letterpress printing is highly labor intensive. Every single job, and I mean this, every single job requires a unique set up on press. These machines are very old but are capable of producing a very wide variety of looks and are able to print on more than just paper. Experienced press operators know how to adjust pressure, ink levels, and placement to produce flawless prints with very little overage.

I thoroughly enjoy unconventional projects. I have printed on book covers, coasters, handmade paper with embedded seeds, cloth bags, and even handkerchiefs. Finding solutions to quirky designs inspires me.

My press is designed to produce multiples so keep this in mind when planning your project. Your cost per item will decrease when you order a higher quantity as the press has been adjusted just for your design and ink is matched to your specifications. Once it's set, it's easy to print.

This is a basic overview of the cost of printing. It includes all printing plates, papers, and trimming. CA sales tax will be added to the total.

 Pricing for letterpress:

#250 #500
business cards  
One color / one side $250 $375
Two color / one side $375 $470
Two color / two side $375 $470


#100 #200
simple invitation suite  
one color $725 $975
two color $850 $1280
return address printing $100 $200


Invitation suite: Flat invite plus reply card. Envelopes included. This chart is meant to help you get started. House paper is cotton based 110#. For return address printing, preferred envelopes are deep V flap and come in a range of colors to pair with your chosen design. 

Please note that a blind deboss, an impression with no ink, is treated as a color and its cost is the same. 

Pricing info for repair:

Reattach book block: starts at $40

Spiral bound to hard cover perfect bound: starts at $60

New cover, hard bound: Starts at $60

Foil imprint on front cover: Starts at $25

Pricing info for custom binding

Singer sewn  booklets: up to 4 x 6" with your graphic flat printed on the front cover, your choice of cover color. Start at $5.50 each. Pricing table coming soon

Create your dream bookHopefully coming soon. Because, seriously, the majority of my custom book work is doing this but I haven't formulated a 'create your own book with all these choices' app for my site. 

Design services begin at $75/ hr. Some jobs are more easily priced as a flat fee. Some jobs are more appropriate for hourly. If you need a design created or adjusted we can work together to make the most cost effective solution for you.