design services

The process of working together to create something extraordinary is one of my absolute favorite aspect of the job.

For projects you would like me to help you design:

I want you to imagine your dream final product. Be bold and don't worry about cost, materials, production  at this point.  I prefer to work backwards and base process and materials on your budget. After we decide if I would be a good fit for your  project and budget I will send you my estimate and a contract including an approximate timeline for all deliverables . Once this is signed and your deposit is received we will start the process.

To begin, we discuss your preferences on color, typography, layout, and paper type. If you have examples of things you like I would love to see them. I will create a shared board on Pinterest to catalog and save examples of design elements you would like incorporated. This is a helpful tool to describe things that may not have one specific definition. For example my image depiction for 'dreamy' may look more like 'dreary' to you. Getting our language in agreement helps the process flow smoothly, more efficiently, and therefore, more on budget.

Once we come together with all the different aspects of your preferences, I will create a very rough sketch to make sure we are headed in the right design direction. If this draft is sailing the right course I will create a digital proof and will happily offer three revisions. 

You may pick up your final product in person if you are local or I will ship them priority USPS at cost.

If you already have a design and just need me to help format it for the plate making process, I can happily do this for you for a nominal fee.