Custom printing FAQ

Start here for a few basic questions I get from prospective clients.

Please create your design in CMYK using 100% black. For more specifics, please click here

This option is quite lovely and is billed as two colors. The press must be specially set up for each section of your design regardless of ink.

Basically, whatever you'd like. Depending on your design and the function of the finished pieces , I can recommend papers that I feel will best perform. I try and utilize my stock of houe paper as a first option to keep your costs down. I have a variery of elegant cotton and recycled fiber papers that work beautifully.

If you would like someting I do not have I am happy to special order it for you.

As many as you'd like. Keep in mind that each color , including blind deboss, gets its own pass through the press and requires its own set up for pressure and registration.
My personal opinion is that sometimes less is more. With thoughtful design, two colors is enough to create a stunning piece.

Absolutely! When planning for this I will work with you to adjust your design and paper choice to allow for this opion. Because letterpress is literally pressing a raised image into your paper, care must be taken to maintain enough pressure to create your design but not too much as to show through to the other side.

Definitely! This is a wonderful workaround for clients wanting to add elements that letterpress may not work well with; for example large washes of color.

This is the beauty of my platen press. It is fed one at a time by hand eliminating the need for a uniform stack that oftentimes automatically fed machines require.

Yes indeed! The ideal time for me to imprint on your cover would be before you have cased in your edition. This means, before your book block is glued in. I can print on paper and cloth covered boards. The texture of your covering material may inform some of your design elements including type size and overall proportion of design to cover area.

In limited capacities, yes I absolutely can. Single color designs work best for this as registering a second or third color is difficult as it will be impossible to create 100% identically sized pieces of fabric.

Good applications for this type of printing are handkerchiefs, muslin bags, embriodery patterns and other related items.

I'm beginning to! For quick and inexpensize imprinting I have a few type styles in a few different sizes. These can imprint on paper, book covers, pencils, leather, wood, and sometimes acylic items.

Info and pricing coming soon.

Infrequently, yes. At the moment my machine is not set up to die cut. I have a large tabletop diecutter that works well for short runs of 200 or less. Info and pricing coming soon.